Spring 2014 – Director’s Notes – Honoring Eric Freudigman


Shoes and Shoulders. When you associate these words with recognizing great accomplishments, you immediately think of “filling some big shoes,” or “standing on someone’s shoulders.”

In the spring of 2012, I was asked to assume the directorship of the Detroit Lutheran Singers. Having been a singer in the choir for a number of decades, I was honored to be asked and elated to accept.  I quickly realized that I was standing on some pretty broad shoulders. The first pair was Don Busarow, founder of the Detroit Lutheran Singers, college professor, and nationally recognized composer.  And the second pair was Eric Freudigman, teacher, conductor of the Kenneth Jewel Chorale and the Detroit Lutheran Singers. Mighty big shoes to fill.

Through the years that Eric has been one of the premier directors of choral music in the Detroit area. He has inspired countless audiences, singers, teachers, and conductors. How many people are standing on his shoulders? Who can say. But all who have enjoyed concerts led by Eric, or sung under his direction know that he is a consummate musician. Anyone who has had any length of contact with Eric and the DLS knows his love of Bach, Brahms and the masters. There hasn’t been a concert without a masterwork. The mark of his leadership is seeing how many of the DLS members have been members for decades, which speaks volumes about the depth of his talents. And how about his work as a jazz pianist?  All I can say is that I enjoyed being under his    direction for many years and look forward to continuing the high standards he set with the DLS. Therefore,  in recognition of his leadership with the Detroit Lutheran Singers, the choir is proud to honor him with a commissioned anthem from K. Lee Scott, Cor Mundum Crea In Me

– Christopher L. Hall