Fall 2014 – Director’s Notes – Kyrie


Several times over the course of a year I will be told by someone that they heard a piece called, say, “Kyrie.” The trouble is that they believe the Kyrie they heard is the only Kyrie in existence. I don’t know how many Kyries there are, but they must number into the hundreds. No two of them are alike.

I wondered what it would be like to listen to some pieces which were based on the same texts. So our concerts this fall have three pairings of music, each with essentially the same text, but set to music by different composers. They differ in style, historic period, length, etc. The point is not to pick the better of the two, but to enjoy each different expression of the text. There are a variety of other selections on the concert, including a commission (Cor Mundum) honoring our previous director, Eric Freudigman.

On behalf of the Detroit Lutheran Singers, we hope you have an enjoyable and enriching experience and will return to hear our singing again and again.

– Chris Hall