Fall 2013 – Director’s Notes – Gilbert Martin



Is that with a long “i” or a short “i”? It makes a difference.

While some of us live (short “i”) to perform some of the best classical scared music, by attending a DLS event, you are supporting live      (long “i”) concerts. The effort you make to come to a concert, whether the DLS or any other organization, is greatly appreciated by everyone. The financial support you give by purchasing a ticket – or going above and beyond by making an additional contribution – is what enables many  amateur and professional musical organizations to keep presenting live (long “i”) concerts. Many thanks!

Not only is our concert live (long “i”) but part of this concert is being    conducted by a living composer. Gil Martin is a well-known name across the country. He has spent his career composing and arranging music for worship. I would say that on any given Sunday, some church choir somewhere in the U.S. is singing one of his anthems.

As for the rest of the concert, I would ask you to imagine living in a different time and a different place. Think Vienna… Rome … Dresden…    If you were alive at the proper time, you could quite likely hear live (long “i”) music by one of the other composers in our concert – possibly even conducted by the composer himself, just like today. Think Brahms… Palestrina… Schutz. Remember, all music was once new.

And with the exception of Moses Hogan (1957 – 2003), there are at least five people in the Detroit Lutheran Singers who have sung under the  direction of each of the remaining composers listed in today’s program. That’s live (long “i”).

The point is this – music performance is a living event. It needs living   performers to bring these songs to life. And it needs you to experience the music.


– Chris Hall